E-shop Brand New Education!

Brand New Education! are courses about agile project management, marketing and Scrum.

Starting line

Based on the positive feedback of Agile Marketing – Free Workshop attendees we decided to increase the offering of courses about agile project management, marketing and Scrum. We decided to create e-shop as optimal solution to sell the tickets.


  • Provide interested people with a solution to buy tickets to the courses as quickly as possible.
  • Maximize business value of Minimum Viable Product.
  • Create a release plan for further releases based on real feedback.
  • Launch mini-campaigns as quickly as possible.
  • Optimize/improve the mini-campaigns based on real data.


We decided to use CMS WordPress (free), plugin WooCommerce (free) and Storefront template (free). To this set we added Box Office for WooCommerce to sell tickets to the courses. The whole solution runs on AWS EC2.

We implemented Amazon Simple Email Service to ensure high success rate of email delivery.

To collect data about the visitors we implemented Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Optimize and Hotjar.

Agile development and agile marketing

We used agile software development to launch the e-shop and agile marketing for the campaign. As with all the projects we used Scrum.


We launched the e-shop after three days of development. Together with the e-shop we launched first set of mini-campaigns. We got 15 orders in the first 48 hours.

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