Corporate design Edox reality

Starting line

During the healthy development of any company, from time to time there comes a moment when it is good to slow down and revise their style of visual communication towards the public and also towards their own employees. Our long-term client, Prague real estate agency Edox Reality was going through such a moment not long ago and asked us for help.


For every change of a unified visual style (so called “corporate design”), you need to know exactly what change is being made and why. The unified visual style must be based not only on the corporate identity, but also on the market analysis, competition, or the analysis of the target groups. At the same time, the style must be recognizable, understandable and usable in any (even hypothetical) future situation.


After a careful analysis, we introduced the concept referring to the essential interconnection of the real estate business with human settlements. We came up with a simplified coat of arms which, thanks to its design, would be distinguished on a smart phone display and as well as on a rubber stamp. After the client’s approval, we completed the project- we chose Urban Grotesk designed by Tomáš Brousil as the company’s font and designed the look of accompanying visual elements. After preparing a brief manual we went on to the final stage of the project in which we applied the design to various corporate materials.