Corporate design of Nestlé Campus

Starting line

The client was starting a new exclusive summer programme for students and graduates. They named it Nestlé Campus and needed to create a matching logo with the simple accompanying visual style for it. At first, the client had an idea of something with a flying graduation hat.


Our first task was to persuade the client of a daring solution that would definitely target young people and to get out of abnormally overused hats (for you to get an idea, try to google images for the “”campus logo””). We came up with a design of atypical typography coloured with a luminous gradient with glitters, complemented by the concept of regularly changing hashtags.


After the consultations with the client, we stepped back a bit in favour of understandability and the results can be viewed above. The colours, given by the contrast of white with a purple and blue gradient, look modern and definitely address young university students or graduates. After creating car stickers and comfortable clothing, Nestlé Campus #summerchallenge participants could start working with zest.