Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is a tactical, highly effective approach to marketing focused on maximizing the business results.

Four key advantages of Agile Marketing



Thanks to the Agile approach and using Scrum, our agile marketing teams achieve 400 % – 500 % greater productivity than traditional (waterfall) teams.



We perform only those marketing activities that bring real and measurable business results. We do not waste our clients’ time and money on activities that do not bring any results.



We perform marketing activities in rapid iterations. This allows us to quickly and effectively react to any change.



Our clients have access to all our tools (including the project management). They have a constant overview of what is planned, what is in progress and what is done. They can see the results of our activities in real time.

Six values of Agile Marketing


Responding to change

over following a plan.

Instead of creating a long (usually a year) marketing plan we define a strategic vision and measurable goals. We perform marketing activities in short iterations and we incrementally optimize and improve them.


Rapid iterations

over Big-Bang campaigns.

Instead of big, expensive and ineffective waterfall campaigns, we perform effective mini-campaigns in short iterations. Each mini-campaign is measured and optimized/improved at the and of an iteration.


Testing and data

over opinions and conventions.

Agile Marketing is data-driven. We use real data instead of opinions and conventions. For each iteration, we define goals of marketing activities and criteria to test whether we reached the goals or not.


Many small experiments

over one size fits all.

We use the 70:20:10 rule. 70 % of the time and 50 % of the budget is allocated for activities that bring good results. 20 % of the time and 25 % of the budget is allocated to optimize/improve activities that work. 10 % of the time and 25 % of the budget is allocated to experiments (where we expect that about 3 from 10 will bring good results).


Individuals and interactions

over one size fits all.

We use marketing/buyer personas as a primary tool for defining target customers. Each mini-campaign usually focuses on one persona (with specific creativity, a tone of communication, formats, schedules, …). We never create one size fits all campaigns.



over silos and hierarchy.

A small cross-functional team is a fundamental building block of Agile Marketing. The team transparently shares all the information and works together towards common goals.

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